Friday, March 11, 2016

The Carribean Badger

 So I decided to start a blog with the dreams I have. If dreams don't interest you then maybe you should scroll on. So let's begin my first dream that lead me to want to start this blog.

  My dream begins in a very generic juvenile facility (for those not in the US  think like orphanage meets juvenile detention but a bit nicer). So in my dream there was a sort of inspection going on and the staff were talking about how this one girl whom was a very pretty latino girl had a blanket she was not supposed to have. In my dream I was glad I had hidden the blanket I used which for some reason was the blanket my fiance had given me despite me being back to like 15 years old. They were saying how her blanket was from some former staff member and his new job where he was working at a mine. So the staff confronted her and told her they were confiscating the blanket. She became extremely upset and threw herself into her bed and started crying. I not being able to stand crying went out to the main room and started playing with my My Little Pony Figurines which for some reason were all tiny but I had the full set including characters they didn't make figurines of yet. So I had Pinkie Pie and Pinkimena talking about the situation. When Suddenly I had an idea and I literally did the large gasp like Pinkie Pie does when she has an idea and began dancing around the common area singing the My Little Pony theme song.
 I danced all the way outside where it was revealed we were on a Caribbean Island. Outside was a large forest on one side of the door and the other there was some tall grass leading to a sandy path and a beach. Also outside was another staff member but she was also secretly my mom. I looked next to the door and realized this was the perfect spot to build my idea. My idea to cheer up the girl from earlier oddly enough now seeing where we were was to build a pool. So I cleared away some brush with some crazy minecraft like powers of building. Pretty much swung my arm and brush disappeared. The swung my arm again and blocks of cement appeared. As I'm doing this I was thinking about how I had poked fun at my mom about catching a squid for dinner earlier in the day. Then three very handsome shirtless carribean guys come running up and they have a bucket of water. They run up to my mom and show her what's inside and she pretty much tells them to send it to me. They come over and show me a squid tentacle and start telling me how good it would be to eat. I try telling them I don't want it when suddenly I spot a honey badger attacking people on the path from the beach.
I scream and tell everyone there's a honey badger attacking and look to make sure they are all heading inside before turning and running inside myself. One of the staff is there and he asks what is going on and I manage to say Honey Badger attack before collapsing to the ground from a horrible asthma attack that is completely cutting off my breathing. The Staff member is certified in emergency medicine though so as I lay on my chest unable to breath he finds something to use as a spiel and jabs it into my back between two of my ribs essentially making a place for me to breath. And then I woke up.